Oops I’m gonna try to bring this blog back. 

Went on an adventure with a friend today! I wanted to scope out a photo shoot location for AC3 cosplays. We plan to go back in the winter, but who knows, maybe we’ll go before the snow too. But if was beautiful this evening! I bet is would have been even prettier a couple weeks ago when the leaves were at peak!


Stocked my Etsy store!


Hey guys, I finally got stuff up on the Etsy store Cloe’ and I share Currently it’s just stuff I had left over from genericon, pouches, phone charms, jewelry, and some doll knits. 

So if people want to check it out and reblog this and spread the word (and maybe buy stuff) it would be greatly appreciated! 

Our shop is called Dapperbot and along with the items mentioned above, I hope to get even more things to put up, nerdy things, more jewelry, knit things, etc! 


Just wanted to cycle this around again. Reblogging and stuff would be appreciated : D